Feedback for the website is welcome

This is the first evidence for a new beginning for the work carried out by Geoff Napier who is now based at the Cotswold Healing Retreat.

This is just the beginning,  3 days into the project.  Please let me know your first impressions and what you would like to see next.

Geoff Napier



3 thoughts on “Feedback for the website is welcome

  1. Lovely to meet you Geoff.Thank you for your inspiring input into helping us set up a new gathering in Horncastle Lincs.Good Luck with future ventures you help set up.LOVE Jill Hopkinson💖


  2. Geoff joined me on my first Aurora Meeting this week. A group met with no agenda for a safe , loving and joyful exchange of spiritual growth and understanding. We will meet each month and further our journey in love and light.


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