Gatherings at Hillhouse Farm

Gatherings at Hillhouse Farm

by Louisa Crisp

About 12 years ago I held the first gathering at Hillhouse Farm. I had no ideas in my head other than to invite anyone who wanted to come and be part of it, on the first Sunday of the month. I knew a Sunday might clash with the traditional church for some people but it felt right for me to hold it on a Sunday morning and I trusted it would be right for others. So I opened the doors.

The first gatherings were so naïve compared to what happens today. But it was where we were at the time, and I had so much to learn. I had a core group of four people who came and held the space every month while we allowed the gathering to unfold in its own natural way. After about a year the people who had been coming (clearly to teach me how to do it) dropped away and a new type of person started to come. The new attendees were of a much more sincere nature and far more advanced along their spiritual path. I learnt from them and they learned from me. It was fast………

Over the years the gatherings have developed enormously. I have never had the same group of people twice! I have become more and more proficient at guiding the universal flow and allowing the highest good to happen at all times. What we achieve now is very different to what we achieved when it began and I daresay it will be very different again in another 10 years.

There was a time about five years ago when I suddenly felt I didn’t want to hold the gatherings any more. I had a group of about 28 people attending that day and they were really shocked when I announced how I was feeling. They had been coming every month for some time, but we made that gathering the last one, as I can never go against my intuition. The following month I suddenly realised that people might turn up because they didn’t know I had stopped doing it. Sure enough five people turned up so we had a meeting. It then dawned on me that I had had to stop the gathering in the format it had previously taken because the attendees had started to get a feeling of “belonging” instead of tuning in each month as to whether it was right to come that month.

No one belongs to Sunday gatherings held at Hillhouse Farm but everyone is welcome if they feel it is right for them to come on the day.

I had always wanted to meet Ann and Geoff Napier. I had always felt a strange affinity with Ann and I supported Cygnus because I knew they were coming from the right place. When Ann booked the two of them into the retreat I was delighted. I was walking down my lawn just afterwards when I heard a voice say, “Now you can do what you came to do.” I was astonished, and yet it felt entirely right. It felt as if Ann and I had always been going to meet when the time was right and that we would work together. I went into the farm workshop and as I looked at my sun panel meter. It read 9/11. “Oh” I thought, “That important. Wow!”

Sadly Ann and Geoff did not come to the retreat and I just felt, “Oh well it isn’t yet then.” I will wait.

When Geoff arrived at the farm a month after Ann died, we held a Sunday gathering especially to help him gain insight into the future of Cygnus. It’s the only gathering ever to have had a structure. We needed to help him and I invited several people to come and do just that. From that meeting the Aurora gatherings (formally known as Cygnus cafes) were born. We did not know at the time how important they would become and we are only beginning to grasp how important they will be in the future. But what I do know is that it is those who understand the concept of “universal flow,” who come solely from their intuition, serving selflessly the purpose of the highest good, will take this movement forward into the future.

Lets help each other reach a place of inner peace from which we can all enjoy what we have here on earth.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Gatherings at Hillhouse Farm

  1. I have been invited to meeting on the 17th September. Geoff Napier said that you had four rooms available to rent. Is it possible to book one please for the night before
    Sybil Roughley.


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