Aurora Gatherings

Aurora, the first rays of the sun that chase away the dark night sky…

Heart to heart gatherings without judgements - locally.

Read on below, and if your heart sings, then look for your nearest gathering or call Geoff for more info

List Of Aurora Gatherings

Aurora Gatherings

Aurora is the first rays of light, that chase away the dark night sky 

The Aurora that we perceive in the world reflects the aurora within us.

Despite our differences and our incredible variety, we all stem from one source, we all share the same atoms, breathe the same air and the same water flows through us and makes up the majority of our bodies. Despite everything that appears to shout to the contrary, we are only separated from each other by the misconceptions that lie between our ears, namely, our conditioning, our assumptions, and our unconscious traumas.

If we learn to discern what our intuition has to say, we can choose to allow it to illumine our lives from within. It feeds us with daily insights that light our journey.

The more we clear away our conditioning, our trauma and our ego-centric views, the clearer the inner light from the seed of our divine nature can illumine our way. It is immensely helpful on our inward journey to find others to share our experiences, our vulnerabilities, and insights, and to listen to each other without judgment. We do not meet to fix, teach or lean on each other, but rather to support and listen with our hearts.

The local gatherings are intended to provide a space for sharing our personal awakenings and insights, thus allowing accelerated growth to take place.

The aurora within us are the first rays of the spiritual sun that is arising from the holy well of our hearts.

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Aurora - The first light before sunrise

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