Aurora Gatherings

Aurora. Dawn, when the first rays of the sun chase away the dark night sky…

Heart to heart gatherings without judgements, across the UK.

Read on below, and if your heart sings,
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List Of Aurora Gatherings

Aurora Gatherings

Discover the benefits of free-flowing conversations without expectations, judgements or agendas.

Where we listen with our hearts, as well as speak from our hearts.

Creating safe spaces by being instead of doing, together.

Aurora Gatherings are intended to provide safe spaces for exploring our personal awakenings and insights, thus allowing accelerated growth to take place.  Very often one person’s insight as to why their life is unfolding as it is, sparks another to see their life in a new light too.

To help us live in the magic of the moment, we tend to avoid getting absorbed in repeating secondhand knowledge, such as great books we have read or listened to wonderful teachers, etc.

No two meetings unfold in the same way.

Because there are no agenda’s, no set patterns in the meetings, we are giving the Highest Good full freedom to guide the gathering whenever we listen to our intuitions to guide our speech.

You are not expected to appear at each meeting because of some obligation.  We would rather you go within to feel whether now is the right time to come to a meeting.  This way, just the right people come for certain dynamics to unfold. Sometimes there are lots of people, sometimes just two or three.


Have you noticed that we only appear to be separated from each other by the misconceptions that lie between our ears, namely, our conditioning, our assumptions, and our unconscious beliefs.

It is our choice and ours alone, whether we choose to look for the differences between us or whether we choose to resonate with what we all share deep within with all of humanity, our Divine origin.

Many spiritual traditions speak of a Divine Spark that is our own permanent personal connection with the Divine. Some of us are not aware of it, others call it their intuition. Yet others choose to use this Divine Spark as their personal internal navigator. It helps them to discern which actions and  thoughts resonate with the Universal Flow and which do not.

Whenever this inner guidance system is available to us, we are learning to listen to what our intuitions have to say.

Without this inner reference point we are at the mercy of our conditioning, our assumptions, and our unconscious beliefs.  The more we clear away our conditioning, our traumas and our ego-centric views, the clearer the inner light from the seed of our divine nature can illuminate our individual pathways.

It is immensely helpful on our inward journey to find others to share our experiences, our vulnerabilities, and insights, and to listen to each other without judgments or expectations.

We do not meet to fix, teach or lean on each other, but rather to support and listen to each other, with our hearts.

Many begin to see beyond the surface of external events and notice our own reactions to situations with an air of curiosity rather than fear or anger. We begin to see our emotions as pointers or signposts to show us our next step.  So rather than suppressing a ‘bad’ emotion we ask the question,


Why do we have this emotion, what is it drawing our attention to? What hidden belief caused us to react in a fearful or judgemental way?

Why the name Aurora Gatherings?

As above, so below.   As without, so within.

Every day the external aurora* is formed by the first rays of the sun which burst up from the horizon in the east. So, daybreak can remind us of the dawning of the inner light, the aurora within us.  

Our own aurora is caused by the first rays of the divine spark buried deep within us which breaks through the dark night of our soul as we begin to respond positively to it’s longing for freedom.

*[ not to be confused with the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis]

If you would like to find out more about why we chose the name Aurora Gatherings and how they developed from requests for simple meetings that don’t have  agendas follow this link:   Aurora -What’s in the name?  

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Aurora - The first light before sunrise

what does Aurora mean?