Aurora Gatherings  – What happens?

  • Who?      Anyone.  Whoever realises that the only way of changing our world is to transform ourselves first. We are open to learning to listen to our intuition and inner wisdom of the heart.
  • When?   Most groups meet once a month, some prefer to meet more often.
  • Where?  In homes or other places where you can find a clean, clear, quiet space and you will not be disturbed for a couple of hours or so.
  • Why?      See home page.
  • What is organised and scheduled?   Nothing!  Instead, we trust the Universe to bring the discussions that will be of most benefit to all participating.  We remain open & make space for what can then manifest.  This can lead to totally unexpected and thoroughly soul-nourishing outcomes.
  • What happens?  We come together, leaving our pre-conceived ideas and assumptions at the door with our coats.  We sit in a circle or at least so we can all see each other eye to eye and hence, soul to soul.  We each introduce ourselves by saying our name and where we are from, mentioning briefly anything we really wish to share with the others sometime during the meeting.  Often the conversation begins before we get all the way round the circle of introductions.
  • Do you begin and end with anything?   No, not as a matter of routine. Naturally, each time we will happen to begin and end with something, but whether it is a conversation, a moment of inner stillness, a question or a recollection of a powerful experience during the previous month, we leave for the magic of the moment to determine.
  • So is there any agenda or structure at all?   You’ve got it!  None at all. We wish to come together and experience living in the moment.   Our intention is to be open to the spirit of divine timing. We trust by being open, the highest good will manifest.
  • What happens if no one has anything to say?   Have you ever sat quietly together with others in a companionable silence?  It is so wonderful, look forwards to it!  However, if you have all been working consciously on yourselves during the previous month or so, it is likely that you’ll have some observations, questions or insights to share with your companions. You may also gain insights into why some profoundly moving events have taken place recently.  We often find that some deep issue touching one of us resonates with others too and a great deal of healing can come about by learning to acknowledge, accept, release and dissipate our emotions in an unconditionally loving and non-judgemental space.
  • Are the groups centrally organised?   No.  Each group decides when, where and how often to meet.  They also decide whether or not to charge or have donations to support the meetings.  If a group wishes to donate to contribute towards the costs of  coordinating and supporting the gatherings they are welcome to do so. It would be very welcome!
  • Is there an overall plan for the Aurora Gatherings?  The overall plans are undoubtedly held in the ether.  Gatherings have been springing up all over the country,  demonstrating the Universal intention.
  • Where is the nearest group?  We have a map and a list of groups. Follow the links to find your nearest group.
  • How soon can I start?   Now, if you like.  Either go to the contact page and send your details in or give me a ring.  I would love to speak to you whether you would like to join a group, start a group in your town or neighbourhood or to simply answer your questions.
  • My details are on the contact page

Geoff Napier