Coordinators Gatherings

From time to time this past year we have held coordinators gatherings in various parts of the UK.  These were opportunities for us to come together and share how each of our groups is progressing and to learn from each other’s experiences and insights.

During 2016 we held coordinators meetings in Bath, near Guildford, Tyneside, and Chester.

Our most recent Coordinators gathering was held on May  14th at The Cotswold Healing Retreat near Cirencester.  There were 17 of us present from all over the country and among other things, we began to get a much clear vision of what is possible at these meetings of like-minded people who are  listening to their own and each other’s intuitions.

If you are running your own Gathering and would like to meet other coordinators in your region, please contact Geoff, we may well be able to all get together for a day and see what the Universe has in store for us!  Each meeting is entirely different.