Volunteering at Hillhouse Farm

In 2018 I had my first opportunity to help Louisa and Geoff at Hillhouse Farm. I knew it would be a unique and growthful experience but it has given me so much more than I could have imagined.
No two days are the same at the Farm. There is no agenda and everything just flows beautifully, with many synchronicities and almost instant manifestations. It has shown me how it can be when we let go of control and expectation and let life flow through us.
The days can pass quickly, especially when all the bedrooms are occupied. A typical day can include cleaning rooms, making sure the Farm house runs smoothly, welcoming and chatting with guests and holding the space should people need support or want to discuss what they are working through, walking with Louisa and the dogs, chatting with Geoff and guests, and so much more. Recently I was even able to test my skills as a human sheep dog!
The rooms are cleaned energetically as well as physically, removing the energy from the previous guest before the new guest arrives. I was shown how to do this and found that I soon began to trust what I was sensing. It has helped me to trust what I feel with energies more generally too.
Every guest who comes to the Farm is amazing, and I’m not just saying that! The constant flow of guests has shown me how different we all are and yet how similar too. With Louisa’s guidance I have found that I have been able to more fully let go of judgement and accept people as they are, to see their inner light and when that is blocked by the masks that we wear. It is a joy to see people relax, open and be more themselves during their stay.
But also I can see how guests and indeed everything at the Farm is a reflection of what is going on within me and that has probably been the biggest gift from volunteering. It has helped me to identify and let go of many blockages, beliefs, patterns and habits.
By spending more time at the Farm I have been able to explore the surrounding countryside which is so very beautiful – the woods, rivers, quiet country roads, beautiful villages – and occasionally watching the early morning aurora from bed in the Farmhouse is very special too!
In summary, volunteering at the Farm is great fun, satisfying, relaxing, interesting, insightful and a great opportunity for growth. Time spent with Louisa and Geoff, listening to their comments, feedback and wisdom, is invaluable and has shown me what ‘to serve’ really means – thank you!

Nikki Brown

(Nikki is coordinator for the Milton Keynes Aurora Gathering.)

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