Covid-19 Has been a Worldwide Opportunity To Release Dark Energy – New Extended Version

By Louisa Crisp


There have been many times in the history of evolution when things have been shaken up in varying degrees, and the outcome has always been one of immense progression for those who experience it and for those who hold the balance in the ether. Some of the experiences have taken place on previous planets and a huge percentage of us carry memory of the impacts in our DNA. For instance, we all carry the memory of the big bang, tucked away deep inside us. There have been many experiences on this planet from which we have retained the memory, particularly when we first entered the core as energy and more particularly again when we became individually conscious at the split (or some may know it as the Fall).

The corona virus does not qualify as one of the bigger impacts in the universe but it does have huge significance beyond what we can physically see or hear on the news. To explain:

There has been dark energy tucked away on planet earth that has felt it cannot be forgiven for previous acts and has therefore decided to try and get the rest of us to join it’s worldview where progress is made by the exercise of force rather than believe it can let go and rejoin the rest of us. We see this erupt in acts of terrorism, narcissism, war and many, many individual regrettable acts that have occurred over the eons.

The world has been enlightening quite rapidly since 2012, (when we hit a 50/50 balance on this planet between those who resonate from within with the Light and than those who do not realise the Light is within them). This has given the opportunity to those who resonate with the enlightenment process to accelerate on their path very quickly but sadly has often caused the ones who feel they cannot resonate, to participate in some extreme acts of violence. For them, the end justifies the means.

The ancient beings that have already enlightened, some of which we can name and some who will always go unrecognised, have a constant watch on the proceedings as earth ticks along year on year. Their primary task is to try and bring as much enlightened energy back into the ether as they can, so when we on earth ask for their assistance to heal ourselves, we get it.    

I had always known that China needed assistance.

I have felt an underlying darkness there for many years and sometime last year I asked if there was anything I could do to help. My guess is that many of us had been asking this same question. However I did  not realise, until I tuned into China recently, that it carried such significant dark energy beneath its surface that related back to the age of the dinosaurs. This dinosaur energy is the energy that primarily believes it cannot be forgiven for rushing ahead and incarnating separately ahead of time, many, many eons ago, for it caused untold imbalance and suffering on planet earth and ended up by totally destroying its own embodied self. When the dinosaur experience eventually ended, the damaged energy tried to rejoin the rest of the energy that had patiently held a neutral space during this time, thus retaining the all important balance. However the rebel energy was immediately blamed and imprisoned for its rash acts, and it was generally felt that it could not be trusted again.  

The shame, humiliation, anger, guilt, unworthiness, terror, regret that is buried in the souls that incarnated during that age is the darkest and most dangerous I have ever come across. As the energy believes it cannot be forgiven for what it did, it has tried to make its destructive side ‘right’ on this planet ever since. The ancient beings saw an opportunity in the last few months to help heal this energy. (How many of you have been asking for help with getting rid of terrorism, murder and all dark acts?) So the prayers were there, the energy from the prayers was gathered from all over the world and now we are currently experiencing the release of the stronghold of this energy that lies under China and from other places too. As it releases we are all holding the planet steady.

With our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all willingly staying at home, looking after our neighbours, the elderly, given up our jobs, our social lives, in fact given up our lives as we knew them, and are holding the balance while these concentrations of dark energy release and a lighter balance of energy can come through. Meanwhile the ancient beings have been able to gently lift the dark energy from beneath the earth surface and are currently showing it that it has been forgiven.

Proof is everywhere at this moment. Are we not imprisoning ourselves in our houses and thus paying our karmic debt? Are we not taking care of every last member of society and doing everything we can to save lives? Are we not keeping a respectful distance from each other rather than invading each other’s space, killing or destroying each other? Are we not rendered helpless in this situation and dying in numbers through being unable to breathe? Indeed are we not doing the exact opposite to what we did when the dinosaurs experience returned to us all those millions of years ago? The whole world simultaneously is learning to show respect to one another. The ancient beings in spirit, by allowing the dinosaur energy to witness what is going on in this very moment, are giving the dark energy the opportunity to forgive itself for ever, if it will take it.   

Such is the magnificence of this moment it is hard to feel it all at once, though many of you are indeed feeling the excitement of large scale worldly change. Many can see the untold good it is doing all of us but what few see is that the release of this crippling dark energy that has had such a firm grip on the world for so long, provides a deeply important planetary moment of healing for us all.

Trust all that is happening. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, we are going without. Yes, there is suffering (though nothing compared with the split/fall) but the reward will be so great in the end. It is potentially so great that if we ask for the highest good to come from this at this deep level, we will surely get it. How much of the darker energy will be released we can only guess at. But time will tell…..

By Louisa Crisp

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Has been a Worldwide Opportunity To Release Dark Energy – New Extended Version

  1. Really enjoyed reading this blog. It makes complete sense.
    I am enjoying the time and space to learn about myself, to grow energetically and to discover my true path
    Sending blessing xxxx


  2. I can’t thank you enough for the help I have received from you over the past couple of years. I am constantly learning and changing on such a deep level. Keep bringing your amazing light to the world.
    Many many thanks.



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