Opening My Heart Chakra

Sometimes we become so immersed in our lifestyle and cultural conditioning we lose sight of what we, as souls, intended to do in this life. Nevertheless, our life experiences can still be of use when we wake up to them being metaphors from our soul.  Here, Prudence wakes up to the feeling of her life being like a box or cage: she realises that feeling is actually a deep message  for her. 


When I was at school I had both piano and French horn lessons.  It wasn’t until I was in my mid 40’s that I took up the saxophone and joined a swing band and heard musicians improvise.  Having only ever played classical music where one has to play exactly what is written, I felt at a loss as to how to break free and improvise – I felt as if I was trapped within a box.  It wasn’t until Louisa told me that my heart chakra was tightly restricted, that I realized the full implication of the box.

18 months ago I spent a few months in hospital and while I was there Louisa told me that my mum, who is in spirit, was with me and that she would help me.  She said that my mum could see a bird shut in a cage over my heart.  She said that I needed to push the sides away and set the bird free.  I then realized that the cage represented the box and that I had felt trapped in, and the bird was my soul!

Immediately I could see a tiny, snowy white bird in the cage and I resolved to free it.  I had to push hard to flatten the sides of the cage but as I did so I saw the bird grow bigger and bigger.  It became so big that it couldn’t fit into the cage any more.  It sat, no it ‘plonked’, itself on my heart chakra as if to say ‘I’m not budging!”  It stayed there for quite a few days until gradually the fallen sides of the cage disappeared – it was only then that the bird flew away to freedom.

I don’t see the bird any more, but it felt like it had stayed with me until there was no chance of me being able to put it back in the cage!  

What are the messages your soul has been sending you all these years?  Are they getting stronger and clearer?  

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