The Impossible Can Happen When We Trust

How many times have we found ourselves in a difficult place and we steam ahead attempting to solve it, all on our own?

We completely forget that we are an integral part of the Universe and can ask for help at any time, if it is in the highest good. Here Penny was in a potentially highly stressful situation but she stopped and trusted her intuition enough to ask for help that if it was in the highest good for her to continue her journey, please help.

A few weeks ago I had some important work to get to in London and decided to go up by car the day before. I had had trouble with the coolant tank a couple of days before, so I was a little worried when I set off, but hoped that it would get me there.

However, 45 minutes into my journey just as I entered the motorway, the ‘coolant empty’ light came on. I had to drive 5 miles to the nearest services and when I opened the bonnet, the tank was empty.  I called my husband who contacted our car mechanic – he said that it sounded like it could be the head gasket, which is a big job and would probably render the car a write-off. He advised that I don’t drive the car as it would be likely to stop at any point, and suggested maybe I get to a station and take a train into London. 

The train wasn’t an option – whilst in London I had to deliver some big packages of art to my daughter that she had to submit as portfolio for her university application that week. On top of that, the work I was going to do the next morning was training for a government department.  I wanted to go through all my materials and presentation so I needed to get to the hotel as soon as possible, and also give myself time to relax so I was in the right frame of mind. Standing with the bonnet open and no coolant, still 70 miles away from London, and no obvious solution, I found myself in a state of escalating panic, heading for something of a breakdown.  But something else kicked in right then.  It felt like I stepped outside of myself and was observing my growing fear.

At that point I decided I would put all my trust in the universe. I gathered myself and just said ‘please universe, give me a miracle so that I can get to London and do my job as best I can’.  And with calm composure I then proceeded to fill the coolant tank and gingerly get back into the car and drive back onto the motorway. I felt very measured as I put my focus on doing what I felt guided to do– I drove at 50mph, put the heater on to take heat away from the engine,  I stopped at every services to check the coolant, and when I got into the city, I turned off the engine at every red light.  Slowly and steadily I got nearer and nearer to my destination, feeling the trust and feeling the miracle occurring. 

When I pulled into the car park I felt an enormous sigh of relief and total gratitude for the fact that my car, on the verge of a being a write-off, had got me to where I needed to go and only about 45 minutes later than I had planned.  The training I carried out over the next two days went amazingly, I felt calmer than usual and allowed myself to be guided in what to say and do, despite quite a few difficulties that I had encountered. The people’s feedback was the best I have had. And afterwards, I calmly got back into my car, and carefully drove all the way home, and when I got there and looked at the coolant, it was at the exact same level as when I filled it up at the services two days before, when I asked for my miracle!

 Penelope Newton-Hurley

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