Being Inspired

Being Inspired Some time ago I was participating in a meeting at my local church. The vicar was talking at length about something or other. My mind wandered, uninspired by the vicar’s words. Sometime later I realized that the vicar had stopped talking and noticed he was waving over in my direction. Not having a … More Being Inspired

A Gentle Reminder

Even our everyday but often unobserved incidents can become doorways to further enlightenment, if we are prepared to see them from fresh perspectives. In this article Jo Greaves shares with us how, by acknowledging deeply embedded emotions rather than ignoring or suppressing them, it is possible to gently release them from their roots. After a … More A Gentle Reminder

Aurora Gatherings -nurturing the connection to our inner sun.

Just as fewer people feel satisfied with conventional belief systems more are wanting to explore their spirituality beyond beliefs, concepts, creeds and the structures of organised meetings of any sort that have agendas and goals. Consequently, many are exploring their spirituality on their own, yet they feel isolated and unsupported, finding a magic conversation here … More Aurora Gatherings -nurturing the connection to our inner sun.