The Story of Peter

This blog is a space for us to share the stories that are now being revealed as we journey more consciously through our outer lives and begin to comprehend the inner reality of these events that are being projected out into the world around each of us. Please read it listening to your hearts.   This is a story drawn from Geoff’s recent five years or so.  We’ve written it while the dust is still settling and the significance is still coming into perspective.

We hope this story may touch the core of you and trigger your own deep memories. We would all benefit if more of you can share your stories with us.

Geoff Napier

The Story of Peter

Peter is probably the best known of the disciples of Jesus and certainly, his actions have impacted on history in a hugely significant way after Jesus’ death, due to the fact that the church, as we know it today, was built around much that he initiated.

Approximately fifty percent of the energy that was Peter is back in many different beings at this time and around fifty percent of his energy is in spirit. The entire soul group has been struggling to heal due to the enormity of the story that has grown out of Peters initial actions. The ancient beings who watch over us decided to send one of their own, to immerse him in the Peter story, and then in an incarnated state, to try and help heal the soul group and bring the truth through.

It has taken many years to put the following together but on 14th December 2017 Peters’ story was healed at its roots and I am going to try and convey how this came about…………..

I have been helping Geoff to unravel his past lives for three years and when he first came to see me I very quickly remembered who he was and saw that he carried the energy from the disciple Peter, amongst other energies.

I recalled, by tuning into Geoff, that Peter had chosen to take on the role of ‘leader of the disciples’ himself, his ego making him feel responsible for Jesus’ well-being and for the others around him. He was a strong character and somewhat liked to control his fellow disciples.

Peter stood with a few of the other disciples to the right of the foot of the cross, as Jesus was dying. He had his back to the cross, his head hung low and a few of the others were standing in a circle with him, heads also hung very low. He believed, fully, that Jesus could overcome death and expected him to come down from the cross and end the ‘nonsense’ at any moment. He was waiting for that moment, wondering when it was going to happen, but getting increasingly worried that it wasn’t.

There was a tremendous feeling of disbelief in the circle when Jesus was declared dead. Peter turned his head, seeing it for himself, but he couldn’t move his body. Everything he had built his belief around had suddenly become void. What was going on? Why had he died? Who was Jesus? What was he to do now? Wasn’t he the son of God?

For the next few days, he kept a low profile, trying to figure out what had happened and to come to terms with this deeply, deeply shocking turn of events. It was during this time that Peter finally accepted that Jesus was an ordinary man, like himself. The truth hit him like a thunderclap. Until that moment he had been waiting and trusting that Jesus was extraordinary and would perform a miracle to save himself.

Peter, at this point, could have continued to turn within, and follow his intuition.  But his great difficulty was that he had already set himself up as a leader and people kept coming to him and asking him,

“What shall we do?” and looking to him to provide answers.

So instead of waiting and listening to his intuition, his ego began to take hold and he started to ‘lead’ the followers of Jesus. He began his mission of what he believed was ‘following’ in Jesus’ footsteps. What very few have realised is, that at this point, Peter had not himself fully self-realised and therefore his actions over the rest of his life came from the belief that he was now in charge and he had to carry on what Jesus had started. Therefore the ‘church’ that was created around this mission and was built from the perspective of an ego and not from the vantage point of being in harmony with unconditional love.

In this state of ego, many things have come about which have proved to be very hard for those who know His truth, to come to terms with. One is that ego-based churches that have been built all over the world which may never have come into being if Peter had not put Jesus on a pedestal, labelled him as special and wanted to immortalise him….  Another is that Peter pointed a finger at Judas, in his angry, distraught state, and suddenly the whole blame for Jesus’ capture and subsequent demise had found a scapegoat. The finger-pointing came about because of his own self-accusation, the self he could not come to terms with.

  • Did I let him down?
  • Is there something I could have done differently?
  • Why didn’t I take him away and hide him?
  • Why did I deny him?
  • This is my fault,
  • Etcetera……….

The scapegoated Judas has had to live with the consequences of Peters’ finger pointing and the strength that the story carries is very damaging to the Judas soul group.

The foundation of the church and the foundation of the story of Judas are not clean. They were founded on mistruth.

Peter allowed himself to persuade himself that he must carry on where Jesus left off. He felt he had to be strong and hold everyone together from his own strength. He overlooked his own life journey as he did so, his own spiritual development faltered.  He never dared acknowledged his faults to himself, never found the real truth that Jesus was trying to convey and teach.  He died, knowing something was wrong and that he was unworthy so therefore requested to be crucified upside down.

Geoff and I realised that there was an extremely important point in the life of Peter just after Jesus died and before people kept coming up to him for help and guidance.

Peter was working things out at that point. He was trying to understand how this wonderful man was no more. Instead of giving himself the time he needed to come to terms with it, to comprehend properly what had actually happened and what Jesus had actually come to show the world, he allowed his ego to feel it was indispensable and that he had to ‘do’ something. He turned away from his inward search and from that moment lived outwardly, caught up in the ‘doing’, from his own limited strength and perspectives only.

When Geoff realised this he immediately went into a replay of the moment. He decided to go within and find the missing truth that Peter had failed to do. These are some of the revelations he came up with.

  • Jesus was not a leader. He just ‘was’
  • People gathered around him because of his truth, not because of what he did.
  • Jesus’ life was a way of being, not a set of behaviours to act out or follow.
  • That the Jesus way of ‘being’ was something that they could all emulate if they wanted to.
  • Jesus died (physically) rather than compromise the truth in his heart.

Many, many times over the last few years I have tripped Geoff up as he replays the Peter pattern. There was this twist to Peter’s truth which has come out in Geoff. Slowly, slowly Geoff learned to live the truth of Jesus and slowly he has released the trappings from the past, asking forgiveness where necessary on behalf of the soul group and taking on all the aspects necessary in order to heal it.

Over the last few years, life has been taking Geoff on a universal training course. We didn’t realise where he was going with it at the time or how it would end. Dreadful things were occurring but with each occurrence, Geoff was getting stronger and stronger. He was learning not to compromise the Truth.
December 14th turned out to be ‘D’ Day. We did not know this as we set off at 4am to the International Dispute Resolution Centre, Fleet Street, London. We thought we were going to try and settle a five-year dispute that had been hanging over Geoff around an insurance settlement on his houses, office, business, belongings etc. A mediator was to be present, ready to mediate between, Geoff, his son, and a solicitor on one side and the insurance companies’ head of claims, a solicitor and the insurance companies’ board secretary on the other. I myself was feeling I needed to be present to hold the light and ensure that the highest good should prevail in this very difficult situation.

As the powerful insurance representatives slowly knocked Geoff, his son and his solicitor down to eventually offering them less than a tenth of his losses, the disbelief in the room was tangible. The power that they assumed, to be able to withhold payment and ignore all the arguments in a perfectly genuine case was ugly in the extreme. They knew they could outspend Geoff and on that basis chose to refuse to see Geoff as a human they had let down. It was incomprehensible to the normal person.

Geoff and I walked away from the dispute centre at 6.30pm, shattered. They had asked Geoff to accept an offer that meant he could not pick up the pieces of his life’s work in any shape or form. He had been attacked from all sides, and even his son’s preparedness to keep fighting became too much for him. And, despite the gruelling last five years, and the longevity of the day itself, in the final five minutes he managed to say to the solicitor, despite knowing he might lose even the small morsel held out to him, that he would not sign on this deal today. He walked away from it, knowing he was not in a balanced place, trusting only in his intuition that he was doing the right thing.

In that moment of truth, I saw the ‘ancient soul’ in him come to the fore for the first time.

It wasn’t until the following morning that I understood the universe had been training Geoff for five years. Training him to withstand the strength and bullying tactics of such people so that against the odds he would have the choice in that moment to hold his hand up to them all and hold the balance of power by saying “Wait, I need time to reflect, no deal today.” His courage was the reverse of the fear/ego that Peter showed at the time of the crucifixion. He had learned to trust his intuition more than his fear and in doing so had reversed the action taken by Peter from which a church was then created.

My heart filled with joy and relief. At last, he had done what he came from the ancient realms – to do. At last, the foundation of the church was undermined from its root. No money (the evil of our time) had tempted Geoff, no ego had taken hold – a simple trust in the highest good would take place, however, grave the situation looked.

Louisa Crisp

4 thoughts on “The Story of Peter

  1. Thank you so much Louisa and Geoff for Peter’s story….so healing and so timely. We are all in the same position of noting what motivates us, and discerning if it arises from our Divine centre, grounded in love grace peace and joy.
    Geoff’s decision not to sign, is an “act” of such supreme Trust, and a healing for many, many of us. In our ordinariness , great things can come to pass, by way of courage and trust in our eternal divine centre.
    Thank you for this sharing.


  2. Dear Louisa and Geoff, I felt truly humbled by Peter’s story that has been playing out in Geoff’s life and the enormity of the consequences of Peter’s decision that created the foundation of the church. To follow our intuition and our hearts sounds simple, yet so easy to be lead astray by the ego reacting from fear and judgement. Thank you for sharing and may your path now unfold with ease and grace.


  3. On reading ‘Peter’s story’ I felt deeply moved, connected and that there was a huge shift in the heavens, a healing and re-aligning. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from this.
    It is so important what you are doing, what we are all doing to heal ourselves and the planet. Love xox


    1. Dear Mari,

      I am delighted that you found The Story helpful. This realisation really turned around my whole view of spiritual development, enlightenment and being human. This is simply all we need to do. Being – Human, like Jesus.

      Nothing more and nothing less. There is no need to strive to be Other than who we are.

      With Love, Geoff


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