What are we doing when we judge?

There are now over 50 Aurora gatherings,  each is unique and grows in insight as the participants open up to their own intuition and heart-wisdom. ……..here are some notes from one coordinator that provide a snapshot of their most recent gathering which included a sharing about judgement.

This evening began with a very deep silence.

We sat for 10 to 15 mins or so in this. I felt I was being pulled deeper and deeper in and observed that I was aware of my “role” as coordinator and this was making me hesitant within the silence. I expressed this to the group of 7 people or so which led to an interesting discussion about roles and judgements. We ended with the awareness that we are all learning, so its ok!

Our meetings do have a life of their own. It’s hard to pin it down. And I don’t suppose I should even try to…but here goes…

More and more I find I struggle when rigid opinions are expressed. Someone was ranting a little last night (which ultimately was great for them as they had a good release) but for me, as they talked about being non-judgemental I observed them doing A LOT of judging! And then, of course, I found myself judging this. (I also noticed how one word can mean many different things to different people as there was some confusion over even the meaning of the word judgement.  Anyhow, for me, what I perceive as judgement and opinion seem increasingly pointless  … as things get more fluid within me… Sometimes I do feel like I’m trying to calm a wild horse ( actually it’s probably more like the tame one  I’m trying to chase off as I see habitual patterns of speaking and reacting surface). I feel this during the meetings as I try to keep things on track…but as I get more fluid, I don’t so much know where the track is…it’s all very interesting to observe.

I feel people in the room becoming bemused, it’s like I can almost hear them saying  ‘If we don’t have judgements or opinions, what is there for ME to do?’ and of course, I don’t want to try to pin that down..as this is what I love about these meetings ..It is all exploration. I guess I yearn for the tame horse to come out of the stable…

Things are working well as we don’t stick to a particular day each month. This means it opens the meeting up to new people each time. I felt it might get stagnant if we had the same people here each month…

Editors note.

There are advantages to running the gathering at the same time each month too. People know when it is going to happen and can keep that time free if they wish. From experience of running my group, there has never been the same group twice for the past 12 years. Nevertheless, each group is free to develop as it wishes. 



One thought on “What are we doing when we judge?

  1. I just love your phrase ‘I yearn for the tame horse to come out of the stable’. It’s so poetic and has left me feeling quite emotional so I need to ask the universe to help me gain some insight into why it has had such an impact on me. Thank you so much, Lynne.


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