Split Healing Unfolding

This is an example of how two souls have drawn towards each other at this time, in order to heal their roots. In drawing together they have facilitated deep healing in each other at a greater speed. This is not a necessity to heal the roots of your own personal split story but the beauty of how it can come about if we need it to, is encouraging to us all.

Jemima and Roger first met in 2008. Jemima had been asking the universe to bring her someone who would come and walk her path with her and help her grow and heal.

She and Roger met shortly afterwards. They slowly grew together over a lengthy period, and eventually became a couple, although still living apart. They were helping each other on their respective journeys.

Jemima came to understand her split story first, She understood its depths and the emotional impact it had on her at the time, and that it had carried on through every lifetime since. However she could not grasp the concept of ‘letting it go’, or being released from its impact.

Roger came to understand his story from the time of the split a few years later. He too had a long list of emotions that derived from that time. As he came into consciousness he had been a large horned animal lingering not far from a waterhole where many types of animal were congregated. He was not amongst the main crowd but could see the dense crowd from a distance. The animals started jostling and fighting and soon some left the main crowd and ran past Roger in an effort to escape. Eventually he decided to run with some of these animals and they ran and ran until they became too tired to continue.

Jemima, quite coincidentally, reminded me of her experience as she came into an individual state of consciousness about an hour after Roger had heard his for the first time. She had asked if she could have a word with me and little did I know what was about to be revealed. She wanted to know why she and Roger had met in this life and if they had known each other in a past life. I asked her why she wanted to know. She just said she was interested in a “well I suppose I ought to know” sort of way. I don’t know why I asked her what she had experienced at the split but I did. Jemima told me she was a large horned animal and continued, almost word for word, the exact same story that I had told Roger an hour previously. I couldn’t believe it. I ran to fetch Roger so he could hear what she was saying. The only difference I could see was that she was part of the dense herd and Roger had been watching the same dense herd from a distance.

Through Roger’s eyes I was able to see much of Jemima’s story that had previously been unavailable to us. Jemima had been one of the animals that had run past him in terror. He had joined her because he hadn’t wanted to remain alone.

They only came to know each other as individuals when they stopped running. Even though they had known each other in oneness they did not recognise each other in a separate state. They had to start again, learning to trust each other from this new perspective.

The beauty of this story is that Jemima had been too frightened to let go of her emotions and that Roger, who gave us deep further insight, jolted her into another level of understanding. From this new level she was able to understand and let go of all she was holding on to.

She had asked for help as she approached this difficult part of her journey and she had received it.

Louisa Crisp


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